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The “New” New Year – Why You Should Double Your Advertising Efforts This Fall

Friday September 13, 2019

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Many business owners feel an extra incentive to advertise their products and services at the beginning of the new year, and many more have made a moment of “back to school” beginning in August. However, recent research indicates that merely focusing on mothers and fathers of the back-to-school crowd is a missed opportunity for marketers. Instead, the fall also serves as a time of health, positivity, and refreshed routines. The experts at MarketingTech call this phenomenon “back to life.”

Back to Life: Another Beginning

The “new” new year is a groundbreaking opportunity for marketers. Statistical data from Pinterest indicates that those who set long-term goals in the late summer follow through with major purchases in the fall. These trends extend to consumers in Japan, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and France, confirming that Back to Life is a universal phenomenon.

When polled about their mindsets at the conclusion of summer, over half of adult respondents state that they are seeking ways to maintain their summer positivity throughout the seasons ahead. 45% of British respondents feel more inclined to make several small improvements that will increase their happiness at the end of the season. The same percentage would like to declutter and reorganize, while a smaller amount feel they would benefit from starting new routines.

How Brands Play a Role

During Back to Life, brands have a unique chance to positively impact the lives of consumers. They’re able to contribute to healthy habits and encourage personal transformation. If your company provides services with the potential to renew one’s verve for life, this is the optimal time to begin your messaging.

Industries that may particularly benefit from the Back to Life include addiction treatment and recovery, healthcare, fitness, and lifestyle brands. If you offer a good or service that could assist someone with their new start – whether in household organization, health, or self-improvement – this is a prime opportunity to begin motivating your audience to affect positive change.

Motivational Marketing

One way that your company can participate in the movement of the “new” new year is to begin offering motivational content. This is a successful strategy utilized by many brands looking to resonate with change-centered customers, and it works for several reasons.

First, beneficial content that adds value to your customers’ lives will bring them in. This honest offering doesn’t require cold calling or sales-forward advertising; instead, it’s more likely that your audience will decide to repeatedly engage with your content over and over again. The reason for this, according to Forbes, is simple: “motivation is something anyone can agree with, and as such, holds a valued place regardless of what your company is selling.”

Secondly, motivation is tied to the Self Discrepancy Theory: our sense of self-belief is tied to a relationship between emotion and motivation. Because people sometimes have difficulty believing in themselves, it is beneficial to offer marketing messages and content that inspires your audience.Finally, this approach encourages your customers to share and engage. They may comment with their personal stories and develop an affinity for the brand based on the positive messages you are distributing each day. When this occurs, you have developed a relationship with potential clients, making them more likely to reach out and learn more about your products and services.

Back to Life: Content Marketing for Fall Success

Now that we know there is a Back to School equivalent for adults, there is no reason for business owners to overlook the importance of Back to Life. Consider revamping your social media presence for the beginning of this new season by incorporating messages of motivation that could benefit your audience. With just a little content strategy, you can take advantage of the “new” new year.

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Yesterday we picked up the first basket of our CSA. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and it works by the community prepaying for the harvest. We invest in the harvest and every week, or every other week depending on your package, you receive a large or small basket of freshly picked produce.

Our large basket pictured above was beautifully displayed and clearly labeled. The basket included: carrots, beets, tomatoes, parsley, kale, green beans, basil, red leaf lettuce, red oak lettuce, romaine lettuce, buttercup squash, valencia oranges, pearlette onions, rainbow chard, peaches, plums, grapefruit, potatoes, garlic, and white beech mushrooms. South Coast Farms even emailed us suggested recipes.

I’m excited about our basket of fruits and vegetables. I was fortunate to grow up with very fresh vegetables. My Dad worked all summer long in the garden. While our family lived in Delaware we rarely had store bought produce as the growing season was so long.

There is nothing quite like a canteloupe that has been allowed to fully ripen on the vine. Fresh produce brings back wonderful memories of time spent canning and freezing vegetables with my Mom. The green bean assembly line: blanch, ice bath, bag, twist tie, box, label with grease pencil then take them to the big freezer in the basement.

Fresh vegetables just make it feel like summer.

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Pineapple Sage, Sweet Bay and Winter Savory have entered my culinary arsenal and they are here to stay. What has really changed is I now have these plants growing on my patio. Fresh herbs ready to go whenever I need them.
For a couple years now Darin and I have had our own garden. It started very haphazardly with a plant here and a plant there. We are starting to learn what grows as well as what we regularly use. Last year I started to use a lot of our fresh basil. Fresh basil grows easily and having access to fresh basil encouraged me to integrate it into more dishes.
This year I invested more time and energy into the herb category. I claimed all the patio space for herbs. The larger garden is about 3 flights of stairs from the kitchen so I knew if I was going to incorporate fresh herbs into my cooking it better be convenient or it just wasn’t going to happen.

Pineapple Sage

My intension was to buy Sage. How happy am I that this was the only Sage option at the nursery. This herb was a great find. Pineapple Sage has a wonderful pineapple scent as well as beautiful flowers which attract hummingbirds.
I am looking forward to trying the herb in lemonade and more recipes.
Sweet Bay
Bay is not new to my herb collection but my Bay was always bought from the grocery store and who knows how long it sat on the shelf in the grocery store, not to mention my cupboard.
Fresh Bay leaves are actually stronger than their dried counterparts. A live Bay plant can replace the dried Bay in your cupboard. It is a beautiful easy to care for plant and can be trimmed into a topiary or bonsai if you are so inclined.
When you need to flavor a broth or soup carefully remove an older leaf. Older leaves contain more flavor. Bay leaves are very tough and sharp and should be removed before serving. I add a Bay leaf to mashed potatoes and it has made all the difference.

Winter Savory

By far the sleeper hit of our whole herb garden is Winter Savory. A delicious addition to most any meat and potato dish. I add Winter Savory to chicken by stuffing the interior cavity with the fresh herbs. I also will gently melt butter with the herb and then baste the chicken with the savory infused butter as it cooks. The smell is like none other.
I have not found this herb in stores. That was a huge surprise once I found what an easy and delicious contribution this herb makes. Maybe your local stores will differ, but I see no other option to enjoying Savory than to grow it myself.
Another very fun thing about herbs is that they all tend to come with a story. Even through I would not have discovered Savory in my local grocery store it isn’t to say that Savory hasn’t been around for a long time. The Saxon’s were great fans of Savory and it is said that “Virgil encouraged the planting of savory near one’s beehives because of the wonderful flavor it adds to the honey.” Winter Savory Recipes
I would encourage anyone with gardening and cooking aspirations to start with a simple herb garden. Start small and pick a few herbs that you can grow easily and that correspond with dishes you want to make.
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iPhone Geocaching with

Groundspeak’s Geocaching iPhone Application



Geocaching is a global treasure hunting game where participants locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors using GPS enabled devices and then share their experience online at http://www.geocaching.com/
iPhone Geocaching puts this sport in your pocket!
Groundspeak’s Geocaching iPhone Application Features:
  • Direct access to Geocaching.com’s database of worldwide geocaches
  • Search by current location, address or lookup code
  • Access geocache details, including description, hint and recent logs
  • Save geocache listing for quick retrieval
  • Log geocache finds and post notes in the field
  • Filter your hides and finds from the Geocaching.com search results
  • Navigate to geocaches with a simulated compass arrow
  • Look up trackable item detail, including item goals, while on the trail
  • NEW Tweet your new iPhone Geocache finds thru Twitter!
The Geocaching iPhone Application is available in Dutch, French German and Japanese language versions. Groundspeak’s Geocaching Application is best supported by the iPhone 3G but it is also compatible with the iPod Touch and 1st generation iPhones. (USE THE FORCE LUKE!)
Please note: You will need Wi-Fi access for the application to work on the iPod Touch. Also, without GPS, compass navigation will not work on the 1st generation iPhone.

iPhone Geocaching How it works

The iPhone 3G uses a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi positioning and cell towers to determine your approximate location. Groundspeak’s iPhone Application then queries the Geocaching.com database in real-time and provides a list of geocaches near you. The application can also geocode addresses, search using a location from your address book, or look up a geocache or trackable item by it’s GC (Geocaching.com) code.


Ready to go iPhone Geocaching?
Hit the iTunes Store to download Groundspeak’s Geocaching iPhone Application now!



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Six More Weeks of Winter! – Punxsutawney Phil

Phil’s official forecast as read February 2nd, 2009 at sunrise at Gobbler’s Knob:

Hear Ye Hear Ye!!

On Gobbler’s Knob this glorious Groundhog Day, February 2nd, 2009

Punxsutawney Phil, Seer of Seers, Prognosticator of all Prognosticators

Awoke to the call of President Bill Cooper

And greeted his handlers, Ben Hughes and John Griffiths

After casting a joyful eye towards thousands of his faithful followers,

Phil proclaimed that his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers were World Champions one more time

And a bright sky above me

Showed my shadow beside me.

So 6 more weeks of winter it will be…

For those of us who live in San Clemente California, this is not a bad thing.

Happy Groundhog Day from Webconsuls LLC.

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Working on a Dream, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s new album, will debut today with an exclusive Guitar Hero World Tour free download for a limited time. The two downloads that will be available are “My Lucky Day” from the new album and classic hit “Born to Run.”

I have been a devoted Bruce Springsteen fan since my teenage years. My favorite albums are “Greetings from Asbury Park” and “The Wild, the Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle.”

Listening to gritty tales of the mean streets of the Jersey shore while living in the pastoral setting of rural Vermont it took a few years to understand some of his references.

Bruce has always been a writer for the people and a great story teller.
Take a listen to his new album here at NPR.

And now for your musical treat … straight from 1976

And just for the record Darin has promised to take me to a Springsteen concert.

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With my in my PJ’s and she in her robe, we watched Santa circle the globe!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

The Webconsuls Family

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Hope you all had a safe trip to Grams house and a Healthy Happy Thanksgiving. Did you find all the best deals on Black Friday? Because Today, Monday December 1st, is the first day back to work after Black Friday. All across America wallets are opened and credit cards are being removed. Current estimates say that 56% of workers with internet access, 70+ million people, will spend more time today shopping online than working.

CyberMonday was born.

Do you need something for your Kindle?  Today sites like Amazon will offer deep discounts and see Cyber Monday traffic increases up to 26%.

So if you missed your new LCD or PLASMA deal on Friday you get a second chance today!

Looking for more Cyber Monday Deals? Don’t forget to check out CyberMonday.com

Now to find that perfect gift for Lisa McClure…

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Webconsuls would like to take this day to wish all of our friends and family a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

And to reminded everyone only three shopping weeks left till Christmas!

Happy Thanksgiving


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Tuesday starting at 6am PST you will be able to download the full version of Zone Alarm Pro for FREE FREE FREE!!!  Why? It is ZoneAlarm’s Birthday and they are giving you the free gift,

Click Here NOW To Download Zone Alarm Pro for Free! 

#1 Firewall
Proactively protects against inbound, outbound, and program attacks while making you invisible to hackers.
  • Inbound & Outbound  monitors and blocks threat traffic in either direction.
  • Full Stealth Mode   makes you invisible to hackers.
  • Kill Controls  instantly disable malicious programs .
  • Passes Independent Leak Tests* – to verify complete blocking, see test results.

Award-winning anti-spyware automatically prevents, blocks, and removes spyware.
  • Spy Site Blocking   prevents accidental visits and malicious communication with spyware sites.
  • Kernel-Level Spyware Prevention   protects at the operating system level.
  • Hourly Signature Updates , expanded coverage, and faster detection to find and remove aggressive viruses.
  • Inbound and Outbound MailSafe   quarantines suspicious attachments, stops harmful messages before viruses transmit to your computer.
  • Expanded coverage   catches certain kinds of spyware like adware that others ignore.
Total ID Theft Protection
Uniquely combines offline ID protection services with online PC-based technologies to stop thieves from stealing your identity.
  • PC-Based ID Protection   utilizes a combination of anti-spyware and web browser security to block, remove, and disable programs designed to steal your identity.
  • Daily Credit Monitoring   monitors your credit reports daily with email alerts and reports, and notifies you if there have been changes, which is often an indication of identity theft ( US only).
  • Fraud Alerts & Monthly Reports   provided to you.
  • Victim Recovery Service   provides free telephone counseling to guide ID theft victims through resolution and recovery ( US only)
Root & Boot Protection
Keeps YOU in Control of your computer. Guards your operating system from rootkits and other attacks while also providing full protection during
  • Operating System Firewall   (OSFirewall™) constant protection from even the most sophisticated viruses and spyware, rootkits, and kernel-level threats.
  • O-Hour Rootkit Protection   O Hour Rootkit Protection
  • Program Control   restricts programs from malicious activities, blocking attacks that by-pass other defenses.
  • Early Boot Protection   protects your operating system during start-up.
Additional Layers
Integrates multiple layers of advanced protection for additional security
  • Wireless PC Protection   (automatically detects wireless networks and secures your PC from hackers’ threats wherever you’re connected   at home or on the road.
  • Privacy Protection   manages and blocks pop-up ads, online profiling, cookies, and cache.
  • SmartDefense Service   provides real-time security updates, quick response to breaking threats, and leverages threat data from the vast community of users to protect your PC from the latest attacks.
Fast, Safe & Easy
New interface delivers a simple overview, One-Click “Fix It” buttons, and customization controls for more advanced users.
  • One-Click Fix It Interface   provides simple overview, 1-button fix if security is off, and easy access to instant upgrades and updates.
  • Millions of Programs Pre-Set   automatically configures security settings for millions of programs.
  • Game Mode   One-click control temporarily suppresses most security alerts and prevents them from interrupting your fun while maintaining protection for your PC.
  • My Zone   hosts additional security tools, helpful information, and support including LiveChat so you can easily get the most out of your ZoneAlarm products
  • Free Upgrades & Online Customer Support for 12 months from date of installation.
Check it out!
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iPhone Geocaching Profile for Darin R McClure

Happy Columbus Day, Get outside and find something!

iPhone Geocaching the outdoor treasure-hunting game in which we participants use the GPS receiver built into our 3G iPhones to hide and seek geocaches. There is a hidden world all around us, with treasure, trinkets, coins and bugs to find.

Step #1 Visit the iTunes app store and grab Groundspeaks New iPhone Geocaching Application,

Step #2 Head over to Groundspeaks website, Geocaching.com and sign up for a free account,
( not required to use the app, but join up to keep track of your finds, and meet folks)

Step #3 Crank up your iPhone Geocaching App, and find a cache! don’t let the Muggles catch you!

Step #4 Take a shot of the area & the cache contents with your iPhone, making sure not to give away the location of the hide.

Step #5 Go back to Geocaching.com and log your visit & share your photos, and if you found or did not find the cache.

With hundreds of thousands of caches hidden around the world you are sure to find one nearby. Being that you always have your iPhone with you, next when you find yourself with some extra time on your hands instead of plopping down in from of the television, take your family on a hunt for treasure.

iPhone Geocaching, Where you are the search engine.