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Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

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Integrating pay-per-click (PPC) management into your organic search strategy is key to building a successful online presence. PPC is a customized form of auction-based advertising used to establish an instant web presence with targeted site traffic.

As the name pay-per-click suggests, your organization pays a fee each time users click on your ad. Since inception, PPC has expanded to multiple bidding strategies, including cost per acquisition (CPA), cost per thousand impressions (CPM), and others. Webconsuls PPC and Adwords management experts deliver results by recommending the best strategy for your industry, advertising objectives, and budget.

Benefits of our leading pay-per-click company include:

Why Hire A Google AdWords Expert?

Many companies attempt to establish and manage their own pay-per-click accounts. Unfortunately, these PPC strategies typically lose money and drain precious time and resources. Webconsuls has run hundreds of successful paid advertising campaigns and guarantees a positive ROI for your PPC investment.

For your peace of mind, our PPC experts are Google Premier Partners, Google Adwords Certified Professionals, and Bing Ads Accredited Professionals with cross-industry expertise. These certifications mean that our team is well versed in the complexities of PPC, industry-leading conversion tracking, ad creation, bidding strategy, and competition analysis services.

Display Remarketing & Retargeting Campaigns

Remarketing is an online advertising campaign that leaves an “impression” of your business for later recall—allowing you to retarget users who have previously accessed your website. Webconsuls’ retargeting campaigns deliver dramatic ROI by keeping you in constant contact with your target audience to increase brand exposure, build trust, and keep products at top of mind.

Directory Management

In addition to experienced PPC services, Webconsuls provides submission and management plans for high-ranking business and industry directories. Online business directory listings are a cost-effective way to increase backlinks, improve online visibility, contribute to SEO, and maximize digital exposure for your business.

Partner With Us for Paid Campaign Management

Take the guesswork out of your pay-per-click campaign. Webconsuls’ credentialed PPC specialists provide data-driven solutions that get your ads in front of the right people at the right time—so your budget is spent on qualified, convertible leads. Contact a Webconsuls PPC expert now: 949.701.4714.

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