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Search Engine Marketing News September 2007

Friday September 7, 2007

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Webconsuls’ Blog:* “A web marketing, informational resource for Webconsuls’ clients”

Since Dick and Dennis formed Webconsuls in 1999, our basic premise has been that successful web marketing is a collaborative effort between the SEO / Internet marketing firm and the web site owner. That remains as true today as then. The most successful Internet marketers are informed, innovative and opportunistic. They always seem to know what is going on, what is available, what works, what to avoid and “what is going to be hot or trendy.” In short, they read, evaluate and observe.

As part of our social marketing “lift-off,” we posted a Webconsuls Blog. We hope that it becomes a valuable knowledge source for you. Here you will find an easy to use index, a list of contributors, previous post titles and a growing collection of content information is now available. There are links to articles and resources, videos, podcasts, how-to instructions and much more. Do you want to see your vacation property from space, learn how to have your property, along with images you choose, indexed on Google “Free?” Bookmark Webconsuls Blog. Using our “social buttons,” you can offer comments, offer feedback, post questions or requests, learn what others are doing. Almost assuredly, you will have an opportunity to keep your competition “wondering, defensive and apprehensive” about your next web innovation or marketing strategy. * Clients who participate in our Social Marketing Programs also have access to a “Webconsuls training blog,” from Darin and Lisa, containing outstanding “how to guides and tips. Keith Hansen, Pay-per-Click (PPC) Specialist joins Webconsuls: Many of you participate in PPC campaigns, most often through Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing. Those who do will know that during 2007, Yahoo has revamped its entire PPC Program; the result is that now, both Google and Yahoo offer very similar programs. PPC is a quick way to establish keywords on the major Engines and Directories. It is most effective when organic positioning for targeted keywords has not occurred. These bidding systems are sophisticated; for the novice, participation can be a very expensive lesson, with little or no return.

Over the past three years Dennis had been working with Keith Hansen, a Yahoo “Gold Level” management representative” assigned to Webconsuls. Yahoo provided Keith with extensive training in bidding systems, bidding theory, Campaign management, conversions and many other topics. He knows the Yahoo Search Marketing system well; given the similarities with Google, his expertise extends to Adwords and other systems as well. He is experienced and knows most “nuances and bidding strategies “from the inside.”

In June, Dennis learned that Keith left Yahoo to work on his own supporting commercial clients in setting up, administering and managing PPC Campaigns. After a few discussions, Keith has come on board with Webconsuls and he is now representing a number of our PPC Clients. Given his knowledge of this field, we believe that he will be a tremendous asset for our clients in this very competitive arena. If you have been considering PPC, now is your best window of opportunity. Contact Dennis, Dick or Judy for details. Domain Aging /Maturity: It appears that Google is presently giving a lot of weight to the age of a domain and disproportionately so. While Domain age can be used as a factor in determining how solid a company or site is, there are many newer sites providing some great information and innovative ideas. Many newer sites were “downgraded” in the last Google update.

For those with relatively new Domains, registered in the past year or two, the quickest way to remove the “Google Sandbox” penalty is to target inbound links from highly ranked, relevant web sites. We believe that Webconsuls’ link popularity program has been one of those effective tools, as we have seen a number of sites with brand new Domains achieve excellent keyword ranking for target keywords rather quickly. Domain Hijacking and Copyright Takedown Notices: There has been a great deal of “Domain Hijacking” recently and the problem seems to be getting bigger. A number of our clients have experienced persons and firms (often through Nameking.com) buying up similar domain names and thereafter launching their own web sites. Subsequently, persons searching on the company name, more often than not, may land on the fictitious site. While there are no “absolutely foolproof” protections, the best way to thwart these attempts is to:

  • Purchase (for a minimum of five years and free-park) a variety of Domains relating to your name. For example, mycompany.com, should also consider registering the following: mycompany.org and /or mycompany.mobi
  • Register your Trademark /Servicemark with the U.S. Patent and Trade Office (USPTO.com). Federal protections are always important. Webconsuls can assist you in both of these areas.
  • Use the Internet to learn about protections available to you or laws already on the books.

Unfortunately, there is no certainty that one will prevail and the legal fees can become prohibitive. If a person desperately needed to drop a competitor out of a top position, it could engage in a legal action that requires Google to drop the ranking “for a period of time,” based on copyright infringement. Here is where you can submit a copyright infringement notice to Google.

Recent Web Sites Designed:

TheatreZone Naples, FL theatrezone-florida.com
UCLA’s Division of Interventional Neuroradiology Westwood, CA aneurysm-stroke.com
Marco Polo Italian Eatery Newport Beach, CA Marcopolonewportbeach.com

New Clients: Lodge at Moosehead Lake Lodgeatmooseheadlake.com Dennis and Linda Bortis,

New Owners /Innkeepers, Greenville ME Whiteside Manor whitesidemanor.com Ron Vervick

Executive Director Fastrak Bail Bonds, Inc forbail.com Michael Fidelis, President Congratulations: Len and Alice Shiller stockbridgeinn.com The Inn at Stockbridge was selected by Kraft Foods’ Post Selects Cereal as the host location for its recently launched national sweepstakes: The Post Selects Bed and Breakfast Getaway. The sweepstakes features a 3-day/2-night Bed and Breakfast Getaway along with the opportunity to meet celebrity chef Sara Moulton and participate in an exclusive cooking demonstration. The sweepstakes runs through September 13, 2007 and is open to U.S. Residents who are 21 years of age or older. To find out more, visit www.PostSelectsSweepstakes.com or The Inn at Stockbridge website at www.stockbridgeinn.com.

Post Script… Lately we have talked to you about the latest ways to get new visitors to your site, like adding a blog or video to your site. So as we end this newsletter we invite you to read some of our clients’ blogs. By reading these blogs you get to learn more about the area, the owners, and even the services offered by our clients. So if you have a few spare minutes check out: www.lodgeatmooseheadlake.com/blog www.captainlordmansion.com/blog www.stockbridgeinn.com/blog www.visionsteen.com/blog www.morningsiderecovery.com/blog www.paradiserecovery.com/blog Videos of interest: Nationally known Dr. Daniel Headrick of Pacific Coast Recovery Center was interviewed by HBO Real Sports ~ “Playing with Pain”. And in closing, take a walk down memory lane and listen to Dennis playing the piano… http://webconsuls.com/blog/2007/07/dennis-helfand-broadway-and-film-piano.html

Talk to you soon,

Dick, Dennis, and Judy

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Press Release Source: Webconsuls, LLC

Webconsuls, LLC Internet Marketing Team Grows Stronger
Friday May 4, 1:11 pm ET

Darin R. McClure and Lisa A. McClure to Provide New Client Services

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Webconsuls, LLC, now in its eighth year as a successful web design and search engine optimization firm, is announcing new social marketing optimization (SMO) services for their current clients, as well as new clients as they come on board. The evolution of new SMO services is the result of being responsive to changing technology, internet trends, and client’s inquiries on how to assure their internet presence is ahead of the curve. Staying ahead of the curve means realizing that when someone says “Can you dig it?” they are not referring to the song lyrics of Isaac Hayes’ “Theme from Shaft”, they mean “Can you digg it?”
According to Dennis Helfand, Webconsuls Managing Partner, “Redefining our business services is an ongoing process and we are pleased to announce that Webconsuls has contracted with Ready To Go Information Technologies , owned by Darin R. McClure and Lisa A. McClure, to oversee our SMO services. Both McClures bring a wealth of knowledge to this endeavor and they are excited to provide new and innovative services for Webconsuls’ clients.”
Darin has worked with internet technologies since the early 90s. Experience with both building and hosting websites he holds his MCSE, MCP+I, MCP certifications. As a savvy internet marketer, McClure has a solid grasp on the potential of social marketing. An avid blogger, Darin’s passion for new technology and the internet’s ever evolving ability to disseminate information and bring people together made social marketing a natural transition. Darin maintains numerous blogs and vlogs within various social networks. Sharing these new techniques with coworkers and friends has become a way a life.
“I love shiny new toys,” he says with a glint in his eye. “Finding the newest, best, most effective techniques is what it is all about.”
Beginning with news groups in the early days of the internet, Darin cultivated social networks, marketed products and produced multimedia content. His videos have been watched all over the world with “viewership” in the millions. Darin discovered the market value of his skills when a frustrated man wrote to him asking how he was getting top placement for key words for which this man was paying top dollar. “Content, content, content” was Darin’s reply.
Lisa A. McClure, an Accessibility Media Specialist, began with accessible technology as a Braille transcriber transcribing print to Braille for college textbooks.
Lisa’s initial focus was to make the internet accessible to the blind, however more disabilities are served than just the visually impaired. “Physical limitations can make moving a mouse very challenging and sometimes impossible. An aging population with deteriorating vision and motor skills is something which web designers are starting to take into consideration. Basically we are installing wheelchair ramps to sites on the internet.”
Accessibility and search engine optimization go hand in hand. Web search engines are blind! Adding accessibility functions can improve your search engine placement. Adding a readable text component to previously pure visual elements gives search engines something to locate. “It’s really exciting that the functionality added to make a site accessible also has a search engine benefit,” declares Lisa.
As Dick Fay, Webconsuls Managing Partner says, “Social Marketing is about working with the internet … not against it.” Google and other search engines are there to find new quality content for those looking for information. By creating quality multimedia content for the various social arenas we are building an information rich resource for all.
About Webconsuls, LLC
Your web presence is your store front on the internet. Drawing traffic and creating a space that is easy and pleasant to navigate is vital to your business. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Marketing Optimization (SMO) are two components of a successful internet marketing campaign. As the internet evolves, approaches to marketing evolve as well. Webconsuls is responsive to the changes necessary to stay competitive in this changing environment.


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