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Download Zone Alarm Pro for Free

Monday November 17, 2008

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Tuesday starting at 6am PST you will be able to download the full version of Zone Alarm Pro for FREE FREE FREE!!!  Why? It is ZoneAlarm’s Birthday and they are giving you the free gift,

Click Here NOW To Download Zone Alarm Pro for Free! 

#1 Firewall
Proactively protects against inbound, outbound, and program attacks while making you invisible to hackers.
  • Inbound & Outbound  monitors and blocks threat traffic in either direction.
  • Full Stealth Mode   makes you invisible to hackers.
  • Kill Controls  instantly disable malicious programs .
  • Passes Independent Leak Tests* – to verify complete blocking, see test results.

Award-winning anti-spyware automatically prevents, blocks, and removes spyware.
  • Spy Site Blocking   prevents accidental visits and malicious communication with spyware sites.
  • Kernel-Level Spyware Prevention   protects at the operating system level.
  • Hourly Signature Updates , expanded coverage, and faster detection to find and remove aggressive viruses.
  • Inbound and Outbound MailSafe   quarantines suspicious attachments, stops harmful messages before viruses transmit to your computer.
  • Expanded coverage   catches certain kinds of spyware like adware that others ignore.
Total ID Theft Protection
Uniquely combines offline ID protection services with online PC-based technologies to stop thieves from stealing your identity.
  • PC-Based ID Protection   utilizes a combination of anti-spyware and web browser security to block, remove, and disable programs designed to steal your identity.
  • Daily Credit Monitoring   monitors your credit reports daily with email alerts and reports, and notifies you if there have been changes, which is often an indication of identity theft ( US only).
  • Fraud Alerts & Monthly Reports   provided to you.
  • Victim Recovery Service   provides free telephone counseling to guide ID theft victims through resolution and recovery ( US only)
Root & Boot Protection
Keeps YOU in Control of your computer. Guards your operating system from rootkits and other attacks while also providing full protection during
  • Operating System Firewall   (OSFirewall™) constant protection from even the most sophisticated viruses and spyware, rootkits, and kernel-level threats.
  • O-Hour Rootkit Protection   O Hour Rootkit Protection
  • Program Control   restricts programs from malicious activities, blocking attacks that by-pass other defenses.
  • Early Boot Protection   protects your operating system during start-up.
Additional Layers
Integrates multiple layers of advanced protection for additional security
  • Wireless PC Protection   (automatically detects wireless networks and secures your PC from hackers’ threats wherever you’re connected   at home or on the road.
  • Privacy Protection   manages and blocks pop-up ads, online profiling, cookies, and cache.
  • SmartDefense Service   provides real-time security updates, quick response to breaking threats, and leverages threat data from the vast community of users to protect your PC from the latest attacks.
Fast, Safe & Easy
New interface delivers a simple overview, One-Click “Fix It” buttons, and customization controls for more advanced users.
  • One-Click Fix It Interface   provides simple overview, 1-button fix if security is off, and easy access to instant upgrades and updates.
  • Millions of Programs Pre-Set   automatically configures security settings for millions of programs.
  • Game Mode   One-click control temporarily suppresses most security alerts and prevents them from interrupting your fun while maintaining protection for your PC.
  • My Zone   hosts additional security tools, helpful information, and support including LiveChat so you can easily get the most out of your ZoneAlarm products
  • Free Upgrades & Online Customer Support for 12 months from date of installation.
Check it out!

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