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Park Semper Fi, San Clemente California Photosynth

Monday October 6, 2008

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Some people live an entire lifetime and wonder if they ever made a difference in the world. The Marines don’t have that problem – President Ronald Reagan

Those words can be found in the Photosynth I made of “Park Semper Fi” near my home in San Clemente California. If you want You can zoom thru the images to find the quote. Using a Nikon D60 I took 253 shots from all angles of the small park in the center of our “Little Spanish Village by the Sea”. Zooming in an out of point cloud (hit P on your keyboard) gives you the feel of being there in this 3D space generated with those 2D images. ( scroll mouse to zoom in and out ) The next step turning these point clouds into a wire frame models and then skinning those frames with the photos that generated them. Full photorealistic 3D worlds easily built buy anyone with a decent digital camera. If the above synth does not work for you, (sorry Windows IE and FF only) the rest of you, ( My Mac and Ubuntu friends ) please watch this youtube video demonstrating my favorite shiny new toy.

For those of you that can view the above synth, thank a Marine.


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