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My Favorite “Mommy Blogger”

Tuesday October 7, 2008

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On our recent excursion to Las Vegas for Blog World Expo I sat in on an interesting panel discussion on “Mommy Bloggers”. There are blogs of all persuasions but the mommy blogger niche is really a category unto itself. The “Mommy Blogger” phenomenon has been grabbing the attention of marketers for quite some time as Moms are generally the holders of the purse strings in most households.

Listening to the discussion and reflecting on my blog reading habits I started to think about what I like to find in blogs, what keeps me coming back and what we can aspire to as we try to develop our blogs.

Here is one of my favorite “Mommy Bloggers” and why her blog(s) keep me coming back for more.

Lela Davidson

I originally was introduced to Lela’s writing on Hub Pages. Her hubs, individually written articles, ranged from household hints, parenting tips, vacation spots for families, holiday celebrations and harder issues such as drug abuse and creationism in public school cirriculum.

  • Lela’s profile is engaging and natural. When I read “about Lela” I can imagine her in her world. This is how Lela introduces herself to her readers:

I am a Mother. I cook, clean, wipe noses, push Benadryl, check for nits, help with homework, and iron tiny polo shirts. I used to have a real job with a degree framed on my office wall, but I gave it up for this glamour. I also write, hang out with my husband, and drink wine with my friends on the driveway. I believe parenting is the hardest job in the world as well as the most natural thing we do. I screw up. Daily. And I banish guilt relentlessly. I believe it’s your moral responsibility to find the thing that makes you lose track of time, the thing that empties all the racing thoughts from your head and leaves you deaf to the oven timer so you forget about the cookies until the smoke finds you. Writing is my thing. Here’s to hoping you find yours and go do it.

  • Many of her posts are simple “how to’s and lists.”

How to Know if Your Kids Are Huffing
Top Five Midwest Family Vacation Destinations

  • She is always very timely. She has already begun posts in preparation for Halloween.

  • Lela keeps you involved in the process. Recently Lela has been working on a novel. She keeps her readers abreast of her progress and her plan. Novel in Six Months Plan

  • Lela writes regularly.

All these elements keep me coming back, but of course I subscribe to Lela’s RSS Feed so I don’t miss a post.


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