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Gas Prices Below $1.75?

Friday November 21, 2008

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As we all have probably noticed, unless you take a cab or public transportation in a major metropolitan area (excluding LA), oil and therefore gas prices have been dropping consistently over the past few months. More specifically, since July fuel has dropped in half, according to the linked article. I am far from an expert, but my review of the issue has this due to reduced fuel consumption, projected usage and other supply and demand factors.

This decrease in energy cost, including heat and natural gas is one positive of the current tough times. Moreover, this drop in energy cost then leads to a potential drop in food and transportation costs; the same areas that when gas was spiking were out of control- plane flights, food etc.
So while the economy is in a slight decline, the positive side of me says, here is what good has come of it. Hopefully this decrease in fuel will jump start the positive attitude we Americans need to pull out of this slump.

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