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The Best Small Businesses in East Nashville

Wednesday November 25, 2020

small business saturday
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Okay, confession time: we’ve never been fans of Black Friday. Somehow, getting trampled in a Walmart at 3AM has become a holiday tradition, and the Webconsuls team is not here for it. What we do love is supporting our East Nashville neighbors. As we gear up for Small Business Saturday, consider stopping by one of our favorite storefronts out east.


Why You Should Shop Small

Whether you’re looking for holiday sales or everyday necessities, small businesses are a great resource. You may have heard a lot of buzz about ignoring big box stores in favor of mom-and-pop shops. While supporting local companies may feel good, there’s also a host of benefits to shopping small.

Helping Your Community. When you spend a dollar at the farmer’s market, that dollar is more likely to stay in your community. This results in greater wealth and more jobs in your area. On average, 48% of each purchase from a local, independent business is recirculated locally. At chain stores, that number is just 14%. This is referred to as the local multiplier effect.

Small Businesses Are the Backbone of Our Economy. This is a popular saying among politicians, and for good reason. Since 1995, more than half of America’s jobs have been created by small businesses. More research shows that since 1990, big box stores have eliminated 4 million jobs, while small business owners have added 8 million of them. The more you support local establishments, the more careers will be created.

You’ll Find Something Special. At big box stores like Walmart or Target, inventory is largely determined by the average consumer. This results in a lot of generic stock. If you’re looking for a unique gift, vintage piece, or specialty item, you’re much more likely to find it in the cozy confines of a small business.

Relationships and Better Service. Finally, you just can’t beat the service you’ll find in a local storefront. Owners may be willing to work with you to create custom pieces, source niche items, or special order exactly what you need. Not only will you build lasting relationships with other people in your area, but you’ll discover hidden treasures along the way.


Best East Nashville Small Businesses

Webconsuls has just renovated our own office space in East Nashville, Tennessee. We love being a part of this inspiring and artistic neighborhood. Here are a few of our favorite local businesses; if you’re in town for Small Business Saturday, we advise you to check them out.


Best Pizza Italia Pizza & Pasta

Looking for a memorable meal and great customer service? Look no further than Italia Pizza & Pasta. They’ve got options for every dietary preference and restriction, and they’re always fast and friendly. Fun fact, Steve Buscemi ate there, so you know it’s good.


The Ultimate Cup of Joe – Ugly Mugs

Fancy coffee without the fancy attitude. Helmed by owners Jarod and Courtney (the friendliest faces in East Nashville) and staffed by long-term baristas (shoutout to Josh), Ugly Mugs is down-to-earth. Also, their cold brew does not mess around. If you’re looking for a cozy spot where people will remember your name and memorize your order, we recommend this coffee shop.


Best Workout in Town – Title Boxing East

The trainers at Title Boxing East have turned a high intensity workout into an accessible, enjoyable, COVID-friendly experience. When you walk in, you’ll be greeted by good music and people who will show you the ropes – no intimidation or steep learning curve here.


Unwind and De-Stress – Katie Parker Massage

Katie is a master of energy work and body massage. She’s highly experienced and knowledgeable, which equips her to fix ailments of all kinds through techniques tailored to your needs. She’s adapted to COVID by offering outdoor massage in a private tent.


A Truly Unique Bar Experience – Chopper Tiki

Chopper has everything you didn’t know you wanted in a bar: robot theming, tiki drinks, a mythical futuristic island origin story, exciting events, souvenir mugs… There’s something truly special about this East Nashville haunt. Their array of craft cocktails is available to go during COVID-19, and you can even purchase remote service date night sets that come with glasses, orchids, straws, and swizzle sticks.


Best Spot for Teatime – High Garden Tea

March’s tornado was devastating for East Nashville, and perhaps the greatest loss was High Garden Tea: an heirloom herbal and tea craft apothecary on Woodland Street. While their cozy and moody storefront may be gone, you can still get your hands on some of their magical herbal blends through their online shop. Please join us in supporting High Garden so that they can reopen their apothecary in 2021!


A Great Haircut – Hawkins Barbershop

If you’re like us, you’ve noticed the wave of hipster barbershops popping up around Nashville. While they may look sleek from the outside, you may not have had a great experience in those overstuffed leather salon chairs. For those sick of overpriced haircuts and pretentious barbers, Hawkins is a breath of fresh air. They call themselves “second to none,” and for good reason – Hawkins offers cuts, beard shaping, straight razor shaves, and more, all at the highest level of quality.


Vegan Food for All – Wild Cow

Wild Cow has been a Nashville landmark for ten years now, and their revolutionary take on vegan fare will satisfy even the most veggie-averse diner. Their food is locally sourced, cruelty-free, healthy, and incredibly fresh (Seriously fresh. They don’t even own a microwave or freezer).


Sip and Shop – Vinyl Tap

Have you ever been browsing a record store and wished you had a local draft beer in your hand? Us too. Enter Vinyl Tap: a place with new and used vinyl, local and regional craft beer, and the friendliest group of neighbors you’ll ever meet, all in one. It’s the perfect spot to pass an afternoon with fellow music aficionados.


When You’re Hurting – Catalyst Physical Therapy

Catalyst provides physical therapy services tailored to your needs. Chelsea will find the root cause of your pain, develop a custom plan, and teach you a long-term solution that builds strength and mobility for years to come. She’s extremely thorough and helpful, and we’d recommend visiting her Instagram for some great success stories, PT tips, and at-home exercises.


Seriously Amazing Food & Margs – El Fuego

El Fuego has moved to a brand-new location, and they’ve become our favorite COVID-friendly restaurant in East Nashville. The margaritas are made from scratch with freshly squeezed limes. The food is authentically Latin American. The tents are six feet apart, and there’s tons of seating. What more could you want?


For All Your Heating & AC Needs – Cumberland Cooling

When you’re dealing with home improvement and expensive appliances, it can be hard to find someone you trust. We’re so happy to have called Cumberland Cooling. Their team is honest and extremely responsive; we had an issue, and they came out and fixed it the same day.


Personalized Medical Attention – Riverside Village Pharmacy

Riverside is what pharmacies were intended to be. You can ask Candice, the owner, about any medical question; she offers complimentary 15-minute consultations. She knows her customers’ names and medical needs, and she follows up frequently to make sure you’re doing well. Riverside is also one of the few compounding pharmacies in Nashville – their state-of-the-art compounding lab enables them to make custom-formulated prescription medications just for you. Don’t take our word for it; check out the pages of great reviews on Google.


Support Small Business

We hope that this list has given you some leads on local companies who could use your support. When in doubt, ask around – you’d be surprised by how many of your friends and neighbors have developed a die-hard loyalty to a nearby auto shop, cocktail bar, or salon.

If you’re looking for small business marketing services, drop us a line.


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