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Brain Age- Sharpening the Mind

Friday April 10, 2009

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Brain Age is a ‘game’ played on the hand held entertainment device by Nintendo called the DS.  This game is also a tool for sharpening the mind.  If you are familiar with the recently popular Wii Fit, the format for tracking the performance of your brain is the same as the Wii Fit tracks the body.

Brain Age challenges your memory, concentration and other skills by tracking a series of interactive tests daily.  Some of the tests include math- write in the sign to complete the equation, 5 ? 1=6, choose the largest number in a series of moving and different sized numbers, count monetary change due from a transaction, memorize as many of 25 numbers randomly set in a 5 by 5 square given 2 minutes– are all examples that are timed.

The fun in this game is the ability to challenge yourself over a period of time.  One’s scores are charted and your ability to progress over that time is what is interesting.  I started this game off with a brain age of a 54 year old, and have gotten it down to 30.  Keeping the mind sharp is like going to the gym, using the ‘muscle’ keeps it in shape.

How are you keeping your brain sharp?


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