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3G iPhone Apps A Techie Would Love (and I do)

Wednesday November 12, 2008

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3G iPhone Apps A Techie Would Love. (and I do)
From My “Apps of the Moment” file comes,
  • Geocaching app from geocaching.com – go iPhone based treasure hunting at will.
  • Distant Suns , a hand held planetarium, for those “What’s that in the sky daddy?” moments.
  • Ocarina , right outa The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, play and hear others play too!
  • WiFiFoFum WiFi sniffer app, because you don’t want to be on a full channel now do you?
  • WinAdmin when you must change the default doc from the beach.
  • PhoneFlix . Update your Netflix Q from your iPhone
  • GPS Tracker update your location to the web every 5 seconds
  • PixUp for getting your full size iPhone images to Picasa
  • Dimensions rules, and turns your iPhone into a ruler among other things.
  • iDicto because you can get the recordings off the phone via wifi
  • Network Ping Lite , ping tracert and telnet, what geek doesn’t love to ping something?
Some of these iPhone apps are free, others cost a few bucks. All of them can be found on my iPhone.
What iPhone apps have you found yourself using and not deleting? Any must haves that I missed?

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