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Search Engine Marketing Newsletter Summer 2008

Friday August 15, 2008

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In this issue of the newsletter we discuss:

  • A service that helps you determine which ad campaign is producing phone calls. 
  • Our new clients 
  • A listing opportunity for innkeepers 
  • The new Apple iPhone 3G 
  • Dick Fay’s new office location 

Track Your Phone Calls!

Your website is optimized for your keywords, your Adwords are in place, banner ads have been placed on directory sites and phone calls are coming in. Which campaign is bringing in those phone calls? How can we measure the effectiveness of our web marketing efforts when potential clients follow up with a call?

In order to improve services for our clients and track phone leads generated from your internet marketing activities Webconsuls has contracted with a company to provide voice tracking services. We have found that customers often make their initial contact via the telephone. To insure progress is monitored and tracked our new service uses dynamically generated phone numbers and scripting technology to determine the origin of these incoming calls.

How could this help your company/business?

  • Track multiple ad campaigns and even specific keywords to measure effectiveness and fine-tune strategy. Simultaneously track results from your website, Adword campaigns, social media and even keywords to find out where your telephone leads are being generated. Our new service will have the capacity to determine if a call is coming from organic or paid search results and which keyword was used in the query. 
  • Monitor your incoming telephone activity Are telephone calls being answered promptly? At what times are your phones the busiest? By tracking these activities a more accurate picture of your business can be drawn. Staffing adjustments can be made to insure all your telephone leads are being optimally managed. Call logs can be exported into spreadsheet software for use by management for reconciling phone bills or other billing activities. 
  • Phone call Routing and Forwarding Routing and forwarding settings give administration a variety of options. Set up a rotation with your staff to receive incoming phone calls. Route calls according to day of week and business hours to insure phones are covered during business hours and outside of business hours. 

These are just some of the new solutions which we are now able to provide. To discuss these opportunities and how they can be utilized with your business please contact Dennis.

Welcome new clients 

Webconsuls L.L.C. would like to welcome aboard the following new clients.

  • Cottonwood de Tucson http://www.cottonwoodrecovery.com/ 
  • Pro-Garages
  • Advanced Center for Eating Disorders a division of WhitesideManor.com 
  • Law Offices of Bruce Richland http://brucerichland.com/ 
  • La Fuente Restaurant, Tucson, AZ http://www.lafuenterestaurant.com 
  • The Bluffs’ Homeowners Community Association, Newport Beach, CA http://www.bluffshoa.com 
  • Bow Creek Recovery, Idaho

Innkeepers Opportunity

If you own a bed and breakfast inn, you have an excellent opportunity to obtain a free listing on a new Directory “When We Bed and Breakfast” at: http://www.whenwebedandbreakfast.com/

The actual “Add Your Inn” web page is found at: http://www.whenwebedandbreakfast.com/bed_and_breakfast_add/inn_destination_select.jsp

Be among the first to register, as the inbound links are often used by Search Engines in Link Popularity measurements. This directory sorts and organizes each inn by a detailed list of amenities. To be sure that your amenities are listed correctly and completely we encourage all of our inn keepers to enter the information for their establishment.

New iPhones, have you thought about it?

July 11, 2008 the highly anticipated world release of the 3G iPhone happened. Here at Webconsuls we have found the iPhone to be a great business devise and Social Media Optimization tool. This second generation device has 3G connection speeds to ensure a fast connection for online browsing, uploading pictures and gathering email. The new iPhone has GPS built in to help you find your location, obtain directions, and be integrated into new iPhone applications. IMAP connection ensures that the email you opened, replied to and filed on the road via your iPhone is also filed in your home computer.

With the release of the new iPhones comes the iPhone 2.0 operating system. One of the upgrades with the new iPhone operating system is the capacity to download applications designed specifically for the iPhone. As this list of applications grows we will be testing and reporting on applications which may interest you. Darin has posted instructions for how to download iPhone Firmware for your iPhone on the Webconsuls Blog at http://www.webconsuls.com/blog/2008/07/install-iphone-20-fireware-today.html.

Dick Fay has new office location

This past month Dick Fay moved to Palos Verdes Estates. While his email, voice phone number and cell number remain the same, below you will see his new mailing address, office location and fax number:

W. Richard Fay
Webconsuls, LLC
1328 Granvia Altamira
Palos Verdes Estates, California 90274
(310) 378-8575 – voice
(424) 260-2179 – fax
(310) 809-8929 -cell
dickfay@webconsuls.com – email


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