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All of my iPhone Apps stopped working!!!

Thursday August 7, 2008

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Apple.com > Support > Discussions > Using iPhone > Installing and Using iPhone Applications 

I am having issues with my new iPhone 3G and I wanted to share them with you. I have noticed that the new 2.0 verision was about half as stable as the old version, and after a hard crash all of my apps stopped working.

A quick trip to the Apple support forums confrimed my fear, I have stubbledupon yet another know issue with the iPhone. Here are the steps I used to fix it. (Come on Apple! We Need a REAL fix here ASAP!)

After you have synched with iTunes, if  your downloaded apps stop working,  {On my iPhone they open then close blip!}  From your iPhone, go to the app store and download a free app, which will ask you to log into your iTunes account, when your new app is done downloading and installed, switch your iPhone all the way off by holding the power button and the home button until you see “slide to switch off” then slide the switch off. Wait a bit then switch your iPhone back on, all apps should be present and working. Y.M.M.V.

Did this help you get your iPhone Apps working, or did you use another method?


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