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LegitScript Consulting

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Do I Need to be Certified?

Since 2017, Google has upheld an additional review process for addiction treatment providers, healthcare organizations, and other medical services that wish to advertise online. The LegitScript verification process ensures that these businesses operate safely and legally.

Today, LegitScript is the only certification for addiction treatment providers used by Google, Bing, and Facebook for the vetting of PPC advertisers. In short, without this credential, you can’t advertise in pay per click campaigns. Webconsuls will guide you through the process of acquiring certification for your treatment center or clinic.

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How Do I Get LegitScript Certification?

The road to certification can be confusing and requires a great deal of organization and preparation. This is not an accident; LegitScript seeks to separate bad actors from legitimate treatment centers through this process. However, with an experienced consultant serving as your guide, you too can obtain this credential for your center.

Before approving your business to advertise, LegitScript requires proof of evidence-based treatment services, criminal background checks of all staff, indication of licensure, proof of insurance, HIPAA compliance, and written policies and procedures, among other items. In addition to this documentation, LegitScript requires that you agree to an on-site inspection of your facility.

How We Help

At Webconsuls, we simplify this process. Our goal is to get you an amazing return on this investment. We’ll help you to decide whether LegitScript certification will benefit your addiction treatment center in the long run – if the answer is yes, we’ll work collaboratively to find a cost-effective route to that credential. Our team of experts will assess your center and your needs, identifying any items that should be addressed before applying. This saves you time and money.

Clients love our digital task list for certification, which identifies online items that should be resolved in a timely fashion. With our help, you’ll remove old, forgotten, or irrelevant links, update your website with all technical and content-related requirements, and learn what to post (and not post) in the future. If you approve the task list, we’ll take care of each of these items on your behalf.

Want to Get LegitScript Certified?

If you’re ready to take the next step, contact Webconsuls today. Our managing partners are standing by to learn more about your center and your needs.