Leveraging a single design for multiple platforms.

Mobile-Friendly Responsive Web Design

With mobile web search overtaking desktop queries during 2015, mobile design has become an imperative for organizations of all sizes. Mobile phone Internet user penetration hovered at 52.7 percent in 2015, with expected growth of 10 percent by 2017. From buying shoes to finding a lawyer, consumers prefer the portability and ease of searching on the go.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive website designResponsive web designs are cross-browser and device friendly, adapting across screen sizes to meet the dynamic needs of mobile users. No matter the device, a responsive website allows visible, functional search—without the need for resizing or awkward scrolling.

For the benefit of our clients, each of Webconsul’s sites is built responsively with strategically placed calls to action, including click-to-call buttons and easy-fill forms. Images and content are customized for mobile formats with conversion rate and optimization in mind, and designs assure usability and aesthetics across smartphones, laptops, desktops, iPads, or tablets.

Remember: users appreciate tech-friendly businesses, and responsive web development is a cost-effective marketing tool since it leverages a single design for multiple platforms. Schedule your responsive re-design today.

Advantages of Webconsuls’ Mobile-Friendly Websites

Mobile-friendliness is included in Google’s ranking algorithm, and whatever matters to Google matters to us. Other benefits of Webconsuls’ responsive web services include:

Custom Mobile App Development

As part of our mobile web services, Webconsuls partners with businesses of all sizes to provide end-to-end mobile app development. Effective mobile strategy means increasing visibility, cultivating customer loyalty, and generating repeat business. Our skilled app developers help you keep pace with competitors while providing ongoing value to consumers.

Request Mobile Design and Marketing Services

To engage with mobile customers, you must be intentional with your mobile marketing strategy. Webconsuls helps clients from all industries develop responsive sites, launch or refine mobile campaigns, and create custom mobile experiences that drive measurable results.

Call our managing partners at 949.701.4714 to discuss responsive web design and custom app development. Prefer email? Send us a note and we’ll be in touch promptly.

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